About FreeFOD

FreeFOD is a 100% family owned business based in Auckland, New Zealand. Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), diverticulitis, Crohn’s and various food intolerances are prevalent within our family, and a surprising high number of our friends. After discovering the low FODMAP diet in 2017, our family put their various skillsets to work combining food science, sales, marketing and design into what would be the beginnings of FreeFOD.

Our mission is to give the world the freedom to eat the foods they love. After a long road of laboratory and consumer testing, we were finally happy with our initial range – the world’s first powdered substitute for onion and garlic that is low-fodmap certified. That is just the start for us though, we have plenty more to come!

Did you know – 14% of the world have IBS, and two of the most common trigger foods that result in upset stomachs are onions and garlic. This is because they are very high in oligo-fructan’s (see low FODMAP diet). It is estimated that over 7% of people have some form of intolerance to either garlic or onions, however only around 2-3% of people are aware of this condition.